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Subscription groups rejection. PLease Help

natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 240Member, PRO
edited October 2018 in Tech Support

I thought I would go and have subscriptions and set it up on the app store but realized that I can't in gamesalad. So I tried to remove from the app store. But can't. Apple said to check with gamesalad to see if it is gamesalad's issue that I am getting the following rejection. Note that I have an inapp purchase (one non-consumable)


We found that while you have submitted in-app purchase products for your app, the in-app purchase functionality is not present in your binary.

Specifically, your app does not include the auto-renewable subscription items submitted for review.

Next Steps

If you would like to include in-app purchases in your app, you will need to upload a new binary that incorporates the in-app purchase API to enable users to make a purchase.

Once you revise and resubmit your binary, you will also need to resubmit your in-app purchases for review since they are in the Developer Action Required state. For each in-app purchase product submitted, please be sure to edit the detail information or cancel the request to change the detail information for the in-app purchases using App Store Connect.

Alternatively, if you do not want to include in-app purchase products in your app, it would be appropriate to remove any unused in-app purchase products from App Store Connect.

Nat Clarke
Life Cleansing


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member

    @natclarke Yeah I'm under the impression that, sadly, GameSalad at the moment can only do consumable or non consumable purchases but not subscriptions.

    What do you mean you can't remove it? The subscription itself? I may be wrong but I thought we didn't have to use all the purchasable items we create in the App Store Connect Interface.

  • natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 240Member, PRO

    Yep. I set it on iTunes. Now can’t delete as apple won’t delete it. It has been escalated with Apple.

    Nat Clarke
    Life Cleansing

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