Unblock Me! - Template (W.I.P)

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Hello community

My third and last work in progress is here. I thought I would tackle one of my favourite games... unblock.
First Prototype demo below:

I can't really go into too detail yet about it because I don't really understand how it works too much myself... it sort of just does.

A brief summary:

  • The game consist of just 49 square actors in a grid (plus the goal actor).
  • Each square actor is simply changing its image to display different lines.
  • The hardest part was being able to select a line and pull it both ways. I will explain in next update.
  • The second hardest part was getting the image to change so each line looked like it was connected.
  • Levels are built through tables, so it loads instantly as you can see at the end, and means no loading times when switching.

I had a good, yet frustrating, time creating this working demo. Its prob one of my favourite things I have created and I only started 3 hours ago.

As for now, I will put it aside and work on my previous projects shown. You might notice I have an endless, a timer, and now a level based project.

The plan next time is to spend some time cleaning up the logic, simplifying things more. I need to create some better graphics so the lines connects up correctly. I want a more better way to do things... not that my way isn't already well structured. I think it just needs to be refined more.

Plus, try and explain if anyone is interested some of the hurdles, because there were a lot.

Hope you enjoy,



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    I like that! more!!! hehehe

  • ToqueToque Member Posts: 1,182

    Great game.

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    Dang. You're killing it!

  • MetalloMetallo Member, PRO Posts: 82

    Wow, that's really nice.

  • Two.ETwo.E Member, PRO Posts: 595

    @CasualEvolution Thanks for that! Good to see this one peaks your interest as well :)
    @Toque Who are you? :smiley:
    @Braydon_SFX ... It doesn't come easy!
    @Metallo Thanks. Thats kind to say.


    Added in a better design. The great things about this is that its super quick to change the style of the lines. Thus I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    Here I opted for squares with ends having a design to help the player distinguish. But, you could have them rounded, curved, triangle, smaller etc.

    The colours are also changeable.

    I hope to create some image files for different styles so you can quickly change whats suits your taste.

    I also did some clean up of code. Its still a mess, but its slowly getting more organised!

    What Next!

    I want to do the above. I have done it before on my Long Lines template so I am familiar with a solution. And I have an idea how to approach it.
    Basically, The (2) ends of a Line will check two things when touch is Inside:

    • If it is the same colour as the one being moves (To confirm it is part of the line that is moving)

    • If it is at the opposite end of the Square that is being used to move. Since I know how many square each line is, I can do a maths check if this end is equal to X squares from the Touched square. If so, then do magic.

    Once confirmed to be a valid move, this square actor will simply tell the game that this square is now empty. That will allow to move into this square. Since every actor will move along (so to speak) we shouldn't see any overlap.

    I am sure there is some thing I haven't thought off, but that looks like a good start to approach it sometime this week.

    Long Term:

    I would like an option foe each level to decide if a Line can only be pulled one end. This means completing a level would be more difficult and can open up more level designs. Plus having lines that can be pulled both ways, and lines that can only be pulled one way will be a great strategic gameplay.
    Thinking about it more, I might even add in Non-movebale option lines as well. We will see. If I can get it done simple, it will be added in.

    As always, thanks for following!


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    It’s so good I had to comment.

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,028

    Boom - another crazy good design from @Two.E.

    It’s nice to have Dev Updates again. I remember when the forum use to be littered with them - good times!

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    • Soloved the above problem of allowing lines to overlap each other if it is an END piece. After an hour of tinkering, it turns out only one new condition needed to be added to a particular set of rules.

    • Added in the ability to change how Ends you can pull a line. Either both ends, one end, or none - making it unloveable. As you can see in video, all it involves is assigning a value. Simple.

    • Finally, the third part of the video I quickly showcase how easy it is to customise colours and design. This really should be applied to most things outside of this project. You don't want to spend your time manually trying to find and locate these values in your logic when you can just reference them from a table.

    There were also a lot of things I fixed along the way. Some very important. I don't have time at the moment to write up. I hope to in coming days since a lot of it is important when trying to get something as perfect as possible.

    For now, this will be the last update. There isn't much I can do now that will really affect how it plays. Things like menu, levels etc would be added in next.

    Thanks for following.


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    Very nice! Sad to see the updates come to an end, but this was very fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

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    Impressive ! I love it , keep up the good work :o

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    This is getting better and better, awesome.

  • Two.ETwo.E Member, PRO Posts: 595


    Note: Due to the way Html loads images, the lines will appear broken when you initially move them around. It will work fine once all the Images have been loaded.)

    Let me know what you think,


  • Two.ETwo.E Member, PRO Posts: 595

    Good News - Templates are almost ready to go.

    Just updating website and documentation. Hoping by next week at Latest!!!

    I think the new approach to providing GameSalad resources will be helpful for everyone.

    (Apologises for the long delay)


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