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    @Two.E said:

    @Two.E said:
    Coming very soon.

    Well that was a lie!

    That seems to be how game development usually goes. ;) Personally, I'd rather have a freaking fantastic Two.E template that's well crafted and documented, rather than having you try to get it out ASAP.

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    Hello All,

    Been a little while since I have had spare time. Due to current situation, I am at home for a few weeks.

    Introducing Circles:

    A paid template on my take on the popular one tap game. I really like the way this turned out and hope you all do too!

    Available at GSLearn(.com)

    If you are a student and would like to play around with any of the templates on GSLearn(.com) then feel free to reach out and will make them available for free.

    Stay Safe, and hopefully you enjoy the upcoming templates and demos.


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    Side to Side (FREE)

    Download Free:


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    Hi All,

    I have a bit of template bugs to fix and some other issues popping up due to new versions of GameSalad.

    Thought I might share a project I was working on prior - wanted to see if the Game Finger Driver was possible in GS.

    Basic Demo Below:

    • Figured that the loops where going to be problem, but I am happy with the logic involved to get this sorted in regards to the layers of going under then over.

    • Another problem was created the path to be random. At the moment, there is a set number of moves possible, but will slowly increase as I add in randomness with restrictions.
      It also currently knows when its heading towards "out of Bounds" area and corrects itself with a U Turn or a loop etc. That way its becomes truely endless.

    • The other problem was how to get exact collision for when the Car collides with the Colour Background. Since it hasn't left the white path, and the path is being drawn randomly that I can't use custom collision.
      Turns out it was very simple - just spawn blocks around the path edges.
      Of course its a bit more complicated than that when it comes to loops.

    • The car actually moves slightly faster than the path is being created, so the play can strategic travel up and down if they want to risk getting rewards.

    • Car controls are just place holders.

    Hoping to share more as we get closer to the end of the week.

    Stay Safe,

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    Fantastic stuff as always, @Two.E !

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    Hi All,

    Just a quick update on what I was working on a few days ago - that I am excited about - as it allows me to build a few game mechanism I have wanted to do for a while.

    Video demo below shows how fast I can now do Group Matching. As always, I am sure there are many that have done something similar before.

    Touch a colour, and all adjacent colours will disappear

    I have been able to do this before, but there was always a delay if the group matches exceed about 10 or more squares. As you can see, it is matching as many as needed, in any complicated alignment, instantly.

    Additionally, this new method also inspired a re-make of how the Falling Down logic is created, and resulted in an even more efficient way.

    You will see that every Square will move down at the same time, and will know where it needs to be in about 0.03 seconds max.

    While I am using Interpolate, to insure every square arrives at same time. You can stack the falling down effect, and each row will fall at the exact same time.

    In comparison to my Squares Template, you can see just how out of sync, each row is when falling.

    Thats all for now, however very soon I should be able to put this simple yet very useful logic to use in some different type of game styles.


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    A couple of days I was pretty excited I could do group matching as quickly as I could. Finally had sometime to put it to use.
    Below video demonstrates one use:

    Next - I wanted to revisit the Pipes mechanism. I made a version years back, but could never get it the game to "know" which pipes were connected instantly.
    Great news - It took about an hour to build the logic and I think it works great!

    And finally, taking the Group Matching and quickly editing to work with colours gives the following type game...

    I have a few ideas that want to experiment with. I think this open a few doors that I find interesting, hopefully someone else does too.

    For those following, GSLearn might look a little different. You can gain access to all templates by becoming a member. If you like my work - or think the ideas and templates might be helpful, I hope you consider supporting :)


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    Continuing on, I thought why not create a Bubble Pop/Blast type of game.

    @Braydon_SFX you might appreciate this showcase :)

    Of course, still early days, but it applies the Group Matching from above. The hardest part was actually the "Snap To Grid" so the board is always clean and organised.

    Still need to make the ball stick if the is no match

    and, after every move, move the bubbles down, and create a new row above.

    I am really enjoying exploring into these new things that I thought weren't possible in GS.
    I hope you enjoy it too.


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    this looks great!

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,270

    Dang, looking fantastic! I know there have been templates for a bubble match, but this looks easily the smoothest! Very very cool, man!

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    Hi All,

    Appreciate the support!

    Just wanted to thank everyone who has joined the GSLearn membership. I am working hard to ensure lot of well developed templates are being added.

    That being said, thought I would showcase what I worked on today:

    A word Find. Still early days but pretty happy with out simple it turned out. Hopefully finish it in the coming days. Also quickly discovered how difficult to make "Good" levels for word finds...

    Additionally, the last few days I re-created 1010! puzzle block. Thanks to the patience of @CasualEvolution for pointing out the bugs , Version 2.0 was designed to be more simple. Added new art as I try to learn how to better create graphics :)

    And Finally, wanted to make something that wasn't too complicated that had a bit of personality. Its called Monster Teeth. Don't get stuck on the monsters teeth as you go side to side.

    P.S still working hard on the Bubble Pop idea. Been experimenting how to make it more adaptive to different "Grid" sizes and it gives me a good chance to practice more on creating some artwork for it.

    Hope you enjoy,



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    Does anyone know where I can find these templates as GSLearn is not there anymore and I am looking for the AI path template.

  • Two.ETwo.E Member Posts: 599

    Hi - sorry for the delay. Will see what I can do!

  • Two.ETwo.E Member Posts: 599

    @pinkio75 If anyone wants something, they can message me and I will try find and give the file. Thanks.

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