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Dev needed to review a game and complete publishing process

manuelamisanimanuelamisani Posts: 20Member, PRO

Hi everybody, I am writing this post because I need a bit of help.
I am a product manager in eBay and I have never done gaming in my life.
One month ago I had this idea of creating an escape room for my friends and in the last month I have been working hard building my small game with Gamesalad and I have coded and designed most of the scenes. Now, before going further, I would like to be sure that the size settings / weight / performances are decent and I also need some help for later, when I will have to integrate payment and publish.

I have designed this escape room more for fun than with the idea of earning money, but I would like tot complete it at a professional level.

I would like to hire someone to have a review session and some suggestion about publishing.
I think it could be one day of work all together.

I am based in London and my preference would be to meet in person but we can also arrange via call.

Please, if you are interested let me know your rates and availability.


Manuela Misani


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