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Why are actors destroyed after moving 1,600 pixels from origin?[email protected] Posts: 4Member
edited November 2018 in Tech Support

Hi. If you put an actor on the scene, 1600x1600 pixels in size and get it to move up gradually, it disappears before it moves off the screen completely in iPad portrait. It seams to automatically get destroyed after moving just 800 pixels in any direction. Why is that and how do I prevent this?

I need a much bigger playing field than an area 1,600 pixels in width and height.


  • Two.ETwo.E Posts: 531Member

    You will need to make your scene size bigger.
    And if you are moving downwards or to the left, you can either move the camera origin upwards/right to adjust, or use the wrap scene options.

  • Thanks for your response Two.E.

    Ive added 500px to the camera origin, but the actor still disappears at the same point it did before.

    The scene size by default is the same as the display dimensions and if I increase it significantly, the actor still disappears at the same place as before.

  • I've also tried changing the scene>camera>trackingArea but when the display is 768x1024 GS wont allow camera trackingArea to be changed beyond 688x964

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,558Member

    All actors automatically destroy when they go off the scene by 500px so what you are seeing is the edge of the actor still on the scene but the centre of the actor is in fact over 500px so it destroys. The only way you can prevent this is like @Two.E suggested and making your scene larger. However in addition to this you will also need to centre your camera origin otherwise it will still destroy if moving left or down.


    I didn't realize that when you increase the scene size, its width and height are extended out to the right and upwards of bottom left 0,0.

    My test actor always starts at the bottom left of the screen so when I move it down (negative zero), it will always only travel a few hundred pixels before its cropped out of the scene no matter how far to the right and top the scene is extend.

    So as I grow the scene out, I need to re-position the actor into the center of the scene then it will be free to roam the fully extended space before reaching the scene boundaries and being destroyed.

    Thanks so much Two.E & gingagaming. You've saved me months of coding anguish.

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