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backgrounds not showing up on GS Viewer app.

I was previewing my game on my 2017 Ipad pro using the GS Viewer app, and the backgrounds aren't showing up.
All the other actors appear just fine. But when I preview on game salad using my Mac book, the backgrounds work. Is this because my background images are too big? Is this a common thing on the GS Viewer app? and when I publish my game will my backgrounds be missing? thanks for the help guys.


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,659Member, PRO

    There's a bug in the Viewer where it'll pick an image or two, seemingly at random, and not display them. If you see the background in Creator, it'll be there in your published builds. Viewer is just a bit sporadic. If you stop the preview, remove the game from the recent games list and try it again, it'll probably be there next time you try to preview it. Or it might not, only Viewer can tell you.

  • joicart007joicart007 Posts: 4Member

    @Armelline Thanks for the help! good to know!

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