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table saving

I saved some table on the device, then on the go changed the type of a column (or even added some).
Seems like the device cannot overwrite table type neither add new data.
How can I solve it?


  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Posts: 412Member, PRO

    Create a new and different table, with all new columns, then in your code, at start you can transfer the data from old table to new one... and from that moment start to use the new table. To perform this operation once only, you can use an attribute to mark that you have made that transfer and not to do it again.

  • Akiba4GamesAkiba4Games Posts: 13Member

    @CasualEvolution not so easy... I have almost all variable directly linked with that table, right now will be almost impossible to change table!!

  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,536Member

    Tables take some pre-planning for sure. In the future consider creating your tables with extra columns for slots you may need in the future.

  • A4GA4G Posts: 3Member

    create a second table with the right type, then copy the value in the relative space (using an x=x+1 loop if too big), change manually the value you need example insert a text in an "integer" type column (preset this column with the right type) , then save an empty table on the first one, and after 0.1sec copy the modded table in the first one.

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