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Actor follows x and y of mouse

I am trying to get my actor to follow along and be on the exact x and y coordinates of the mouse.

I am using "game.mouse.position.x", however when the actor catches up with the mouse, it stops moving.

I would like the actor to spawn when i press the mouse, and follow along when it moves. I liken it to putting my hand on top of an air hockey handle/paddle, and moving it around the table. I have the spawn part down, its the moving the actor part that i cannot figure out.

Any suggestions as to how to achieve what I am describing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • RyanzgriecoRyanzgrieco Posts: 3Member, BASIC

    Alright, i figured it our by adding a Constrain Attribute rule to the X and Y of Self. (if that makes sense)

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