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Appformative support?

cbatescbates Posts: 11Member, PRO

Does anyone know if appformative is still has any support? I emailed them awhile back but never got a reply so I am trying here to get a few questions answered.


1) What counts as a data point? Is each unique user considered 1 data point, so if a returning user communicates with the system, they do not create additional data points? Or is it 1 data point for 1 app load?

*What is the character limit of the userID?

2) If 1 data point per unique user, how does the system define returning users? The basic setup says on afload to create a user id of random numbers, however this user id is NOT saved to a variable or table so there is no such thing as a returning user in this case, correct?

3) Can Appformative handle cross platform save transfers via tables? Such as a user creates an account, syncs the network tables to appformative and lets them restore on another device?

Thanks ahead of time, I am a big believer in analytics and appformative currently seems to be the only way to collect data in gamesalad


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,716Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

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  • HopscotchHopscotch Posts: 2,782Member, PRO

    Hi @cbates

    it is best to PM me here on the forum.

    To your questions:

    1. Each event, and that includes a returning user, is counted as a data-point. For high volumes you can contact us for a fixed rate.

    2. It is correct that you create your own random ID for the initial contact, but AppFormative manages its own user specific but anonymous unique ID's on the back-end.

    3. We do offer cross platform tables as you describe, but the user registration part is handled on a per project basis, as most users have their own special requirements.

    Please PM me if you have further questions.

    Best regards,

  • cbatescbates Posts: 11Member, PRO


    Thanks Hopscotch, I'm a little ways from needing the feature implemented right now, just wanted to confirm it can support cross platform tables.

    I have the basic and extended setups complete and see data, however when i test with the viewer it always shows a new user, no returning users, is this expected?


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