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Making a 'notepad'...

LokitoesLokitoes Posts: 136Member, PRO

Hi all,

I'm wondering if it is possible to make a functioning 'notes' style app in GS... You know how your phone comes with a notepad type app that looks like a piece of lined paper, you can write up to a certain amount of characters into it, then save the note for later? And you can then add more notes, edit notes, and access all your saved notes from the landing page?

Can something like this be done in GS? Given all the previous issues around the 'keyboard input' function, which seems to be the closest function to what I want put still not particularly perfect, I'm hoping there is still a way to do what I hope to do... but maybe not...

I know I'm probably better off just getting a notepad template in another format but I was hoping to add this into a game I'm already making with GS.



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