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Mac apps always start in "stretch" mode when launched in fullscreen

gamesmoldgamesmold Posts: 277Member, PRO
edited January 30 in Tech Support

Hi there, long time no see... :)

I'm currently overhauling all my old apps for the latest OS versions.

But I've been running into a critical bug with the Mac builds:
When they are set to start in fullscreen, they always start in "stretch" mode. No matter if you select letterbox or overscan.

This is especially critical because some of my apps are created in iPad landscape aspect ratio, and they look awfully stretched in on a 16:10 or 16:9 screen.

And since there is no way to select multiple objects and move them, I can't just "redesign" all scenes to fit into the center of a MacBook screen. The scenes would all appear stuck to the left border of the screen.
Therefore I badly need "Letterbox" mode.

It seems like Mac app building is basically broken...
I filed this as a bug two weeks ago, but no reaction so far... (ID 1902)

Does anybody know a workaround?

Any help?

Thank you so much!

P.S.: That being said, the Mac splash screen always appears stretched into a 4:3 size with white letterboxes to each side (which I guess is also not the intended way)


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