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Do I keep the money?

BramHoddssdBramHoddssd Posts: 414Member
When I publish an ipad/iphone/ipod touch app to the app store, can I pick how much I sell it for and do I keep the money?


  • specialist_3specialist_3 Posts: 121Member
    When you are publishing, you will be asked at a certain step how much you want to sell you app for. They call it PRICE TIERS. Whatever the price (tier), Apple gets a nice 30% cut. So for every dollar you sell it for, apple takes 30cents.
  • specialist_3specialist_3 Posts: 121Member
    The rest (70cents) you keep.
  • jweaver911jweaver911 Posts: 439Member
    you forgot to mention all of the flaming hoops they make you jump through first to get your developer profile and account setup.

    I even had to do a trapeze routine... It was ridiculous.
  • HawtSawceHawtSawce Posts: 42Member
    I still am in waiting for review limbo non sense. Makes me want to find an Apple employee and... shake his hand...vigorously!
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