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I don't understand the project platform/HTML5 distinction

bloomerbloomer Posts: 53Member

I've just returned to GS after about 5-6 years away. I'm using it to build a game with my little nephew. So mostly, we want to be able to play it ourselves. However, on the off chance we might want to be able to share it at least as an HTML5 project on our computer one day, I'm looking at the HTML5 publish option.

What I don't understand (at all!) at the moment is: Is there any distinction between HTML5 as a publishing format and the resolution/tech limitations of the user-selected platform for the game project? In other words, when you publish in HTML5, does the published game have (a) a particular 'HTML5 resolution' and tech limit? Or does it just have (b) the chosen resolution of the project's selected platform?

At a glance, it looks like (B) because the Html 5 preview button is prepared to let me change platforms on the fly while I'm testing. But given how far down the road for our game this stage might be, I don't want to commit to the 'wrong' platform or resolution now if I plan to eventually publish as HTML5.

A help document I came across said to use the GameSalad arcade platform option for HTML5 options. But when I did that, my WIP's screen area became pretty microscopic. Also, I see lots of advice on this forum at odds with the help docs, so I'm suspicious of the docs.

Thanks for any advice.


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