Zoe and the Magic Escape launching soon!

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Hi everybody,

I am happy to announce that my first game is complete and ready to launch!

The story is about Zoe, a little witch who wants to become a great sorceress ... but she still makes mistakes and the teacher scolds her! Help Zoe in sorting things out, explore with her the rooms of the Magic Academy, solve puzzles and learn powerful spells. Along the way you will find magical items, mysterious scrolls and lots of new friends...including Priscilla!

  • Completely FREE
  • Hints system that guide you step by step when you're stuck
  • Seven different scenarios to explore
  • Enigmas and puzzles of various difficulties

If you have a few hours to spend in the most "magic" escape adventure you have ever played, try the INTERNAL TEST VERSION!

If you want to play please send me your Android account to manuelamisani@gmail.com or paste it in a comment.




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