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Zoe and the Magic Escape available on Play Store!

manuelamisanimanuelamisani Posts: 21Member, PRO

Hi everybody,

finally Zoe and the Magic Escape made it to the Play Store!

You can try (and rate it!!) here:

Any feedback is very very welcome




  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member


    @manuelamisani Awesome job! This game is really fun and well made. The art is lovely. The animations are fitting. The music is immersive. I'm really enjoying playing through it.

    Let's get behind this one, people. I nominate Zoe & the Magic Escape to be in the running for our seasonal community awards/highlights for best overall quality and gameplay.

  • manuelamisanimanuelamisani Posts: 21Member, PRO
    edited March 2019

    Thanks you @RowdyPants !!! You are too kind :)

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