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[Solved] Trial Version does not include Copy/Paste

jmattesjmattes Posts: 2Member
edited March 12 in Tech Support


Correct me if i'm wrong, but the trial version of GameSalad Creator (windows) seems not to have copy/paste functionality, which is a major disadvantage when offically the trial version is a timed full version but is NOT. Therefor following the ufo/lava tutorial works until you should copy & paste the first level to create the second level. Ultimatly to finish a game you either have to overload one scene to include the whole game or manually duplicate every scene / new level with every actor and everything.


  • jmattesjmattes Posts: 2Member
    edited March 12

    Might be wrong, but cant verify (the tutorials are currently not reachable for me)

    EDIT: okay, my bad, was in the layers tab there is no copy pasting possible

    EDIT2: seems to be solved, can be closed

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