Anyone have a working gse-export.js file for HTML5 publishing to share?

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Started to work on @8bitninja 's great template battery licker. When I first saw this game I thought it had great potential and had several ideas how to develop it further. Years passed by ... well anyway long story short, I started to work on this template several weeks ago and made 18 new levels, changed the controls a bit and added a global highscore (php/Mysql). The idea is to have it on mobile and HTML5.

Project works 100% correctly as an Android app, but when publishing to HTML5 there are several problems:

  • Fonts and text positioning are all over the place.
  • textSubStr() cuts the letters one character too early (when changing initials in the game)
  • Network Send Table To URL doesn't seem to work at all (nothing is written to the database) Chrome Inspect shows two errors:
    • sample-index.html:1 Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.
    • gse-export.js:66 ERROR: TypeError: i.replace is not a function write @ gse-export.js:66

So since the exact same code works on Anroid but doesn't work on browser I guess the problem is with the gse-export.js file. I have done some experiments with it: if I replace the gse-export.js file with this experimental gse-export.js by @adent42 found here: it fixes the font and text positioning problem. Unfortunately textSubSts() and NetworkSendTable issues persist.

Anyone had a same kind of troubles with HTML 5 publishing?
Any advice how to proceed?

If aynone want's to test and comment the game:

Summa summarum: Anroid works, HTML 5 works except updating highscores (soooo close.... :) )


  • SaSoGamingSaSoGaming Member, PRO Posts: 4

    Hello muusi, I am having the same problem and I wanted to know if you could help me. I am currently trying to fix the text issue when everything is misaligned and you mentioned an experimental file. I don't have this experimental file and don't know where to download it (I also checked the forum you shared and could not find it). Your help would be greatly appreciated and I hope this bug gets fixed soon.

  • muusimuusi Member, PRO Posts: 83

    @SaSoGaming here's the experimental gs-export.js

    Unzip it to js/gse folder

    I hope this helps ...

  • SaSoGamingSaSoGaming Member, PRO Posts: 4

    Sadly it didn't help. This might be due to me using a Windows computer, and I wonder if there is a Windows version of this file or if it doesn't matter.

    For some odd reason, using this file didn't fix the problem. It actually made it worse by resetting all the fonts to just one (possibly Cambay?). The text remains misaligned which is very strange. I hope that @adent42 (or whoever is working on HTML5 currently) can fix this bug soon.

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