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Anyone have a working gse-export.js file for HTML5 publishing to share?

muusimuusi Posts: 32Member, PRO
edited March 12 in Working with GS (Mac)

Started to work on @8bitninja 's great template battery licker. When I first saw this game I thought it had great potential and had several ideas how to develop it further. Years passed by ... well anyway long story short, I started to work on this template several weeks ago and made 18 new levels, changed the controls a bit and added a global highscore (php/Mysql). The idea is to have it on mobile and HTML5.

Project works 100% correctly as an Android app, but when publishing to HTML5 there are several problems:

  • Fonts and text positioning are all over the place.
  • textSubStr() cuts the letters one character too early (when changing initials in the game)
  • Network Send Table To URL doesn't seem to work at all (nothing is written to the database) Chrome Inspect shows two errors:
    • sample-index.html:1 Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.
    • gse-export.js:66 ERROR: TypeError: i.replace is not a function write @ gse-export.js:66

So since the exact same code works on Anroid but doesn't work on browser I guess the problem is with the gse-export.js file. I have done some experiments with it: if I replace the gse-export.js file with this experimental gse-export.js by @adent42 found here: it fixes the font and text positioning problem. Unfortunately textSubSts() and NetworkSendTable issues persist.

Anyone had a same kind of troubles with HTML 5 publishing?
Any advice how to proceed?

If aynone want's to test and comment the game:

Summa summarum: Anroid works, HTML 5 works except updating highscores (soooo close.... :) )

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