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I'm returning to GameSalad after a long hiatus and am still learning my way around the new web interface. I've done some searching but I haven't been able to find if I'm missing something- is the expression editor of old available in the web version? I'm trying to do a simple self.time>startTime+1 kind of formula but I'm only seeing a way to make an attribute equal to a real integer. Will I have to go back to the downloadable creator for that kind of functionality?


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    Yes, you can still add expressions like that in the online version of creator. I don't use the online version -- only the Desktop version -- but I took a moment to make a video in the online creator (video contains no sound):

    Edit: just realized you wanted a rule, not a change attribute behavior. Here's another video:

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    Wow, I totally missed the "click to make this an expression" button- thanks for going above and beyond!

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