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Apple requires dev to support the iPhone XS Max & Ipad pro. What does this mean for samesalad users?

geoascenciogeoascencio Posts: 19Member, PRO

I've seen a few articles saying that starting March 27, Apple requires developers to support the iPhone XS Max and 12.9-inch 3rd-generation iPad Pro. What does this mean for us?
Since the highest option in phone screen size is iPhone 6plus, I've been developing my game on a display size of x736 and y414 (iPhone 6plus). My iPhone game won't be done for another 2 months, should I make any changes now?
Will I just have to check a few boxes when it's time to publish?

There's an article about this change.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Posts: 290Member, PRO

    from what i have seen, the aspect ratio for iphone xs and iphone xs max is the same as the iphone x (19.5:9). ipad pro has the same aspect ratio of previous ipads (4:3).

    as long as you have a thing to detect native screen sizes, and then edge of screen actors (for overscan) or camera sizes (for stretch) are adjusted accordingly, i don't think you will have a problem when publishing. should go without saying to test using preview if you haven't got those devices available (you can use custom resolution to do that).

    i have used overscan but find that on some of the flatter devices, it cuts out the tops of some scenes from scrolling. i prefer to use stretch, built on ipad, with the camera adjusted for the device you are using. if you go stretch, and want to publish for android, you will need to make your scene size 768 (high) x 1664 (minimum width) to suit the newer samsung screen sizes.

  • geoascenciogeoascencio Posts: 19Member, PRO

    @bob loblaw Thank you! very insightful!

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