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Some Observed Bugs/ UX Suggestions for Online Creator

NKBDLNKBDL Posts: 88Member, PRO
edited April 2019 in Working with GS (Online)

Hi all, I have been working with, and really liking the online creator. Here are some items I saw wish I wish to have fixed/ enhanced. Thank you. @adent42

  1. Drag and drop didn't work on MS Edge... But ok on Chrome.

  2. Doesn't seems to be able to cut and paste functions. Copy and paste works.

  3. I was inserting a blank "change attribute" function to a bunch of already populated "change attribute" functions. The inserted "change attribute" function copied the attribute name immediately below it while the the attribute name immediately below it copied the one below... some strange behavior.

  4. Sorting of actors/ images: Suggest to have a better sorting like creating folders.

  5. The sorting of Default/ Reversed, A-Z, Z-A for actors doesn't work.

  6. When you edit a function/ an expression, wish we can copy/cut and paste to other expressions. Now if we do that, I will be copying and pasting the behavior function outside of this window.

  7. "Change Table Attribute" bug, it works on online preview, but yet when I deploy to mobile, the "Change Table Attribute" doesn't work and broke.

  8. "Loop over table" behavior seems not working.

  9. No easy way to select/ delete images (I have like 50 I need to remove at once, but either I click-shift-click on the grid, but cannot just press delete to delete; or I have to click that edit and check off 50 times before I click the trash icon)

  10. If we can group select actors in scene layers and drag and drop to other layers that d' be great.

  11. Copy scenes



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