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Camera issue in HTML output

LokitoesLokitoes Posts: 136Member, PRO

Hi all,

I have a question about an old template that I purchased years ago of a first-person shooter game (I no doubt purchased it from someone who is on this forum, but it's so long ago that don't remember who...). It's a great little template, but unfortunately I am in a situation where the resultant piece that I want to create from it must be outputted as HTML only. On testing the template in HTML (and outputting to HTML), the camera movement is extremely 'jerky'. I believe this is tied to the way that the camera follows the mouse click/screen touch. But it does not do this if it's exported in other outputs (GS HTML strikes again!).

I'd love to be able to keep some form of camera following (the game doesn't really make sense without it), without it doing this jerk movement. One work around might be to use on-screen buttons for camera panning controls instead, but I'm really hoping I don't have to add extra touch buttons on the screen, so having the camera following the finger touch/mouse click is a nice idea, apart from this glitch.

I'm not particularly good at adapting other's code so I tend not to use templates much, so I'm struggling with this one. I'd love it if someone else could take a look at the template (particularly in HTML test) and see if they can diagnose the problem and whether there is a solution.

My understanding is the template is no longer for sale, as I purchased it in a 'final dump selling all my stuff' type sale years ago, but I'm not sure of the protocols of attaching such a thing to a public forum, so perhaps if anyone has the time to take a quick look at it I could PM you? Otherwise, can the powers that be let me know if I should or shouldn't attach the template here? It has been only slightly changed since its purchase.

Cheers, Lokitoes


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,815Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    I think it's a grey area when a for-sale template is no longer available for sale. You might post a screenshot or two and someone may recognize it and be able to suggest something or connect you to the person who made it.

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  • LokitoesLokitoes Posts: 136Member, PRO

    Hi @tatiang and all...

    I've attached here a version of the file that has changed functions, and has a bunch of the template artwork covered up as I haven't swapped some of that out yet.

    Unfortunately the company who sold it has folded and isn't a company anymore so I'm not sure if the maker is still around... It was originally sold under the name 'DoodleSniper' or something like this.

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