How have you guys been doing?

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Hey, Gamesalad folks!

It's been a few years I've posted on this forum. I do enjoy coming back to where I first started mainly to see everyone and how everything is shaping up and also to give an update on my current endeavors in hopes of encouraging others to follow their dreams. I do have to give credit where credit is due. Gamesalad has impacted my life in ways you guys will never understand! I am extremely glad you guys are still around and running strong!

I believe I found Gamesald when I was fifteen years old and I was instantly hooked! I took my hiatus around my freshman year of college to pursue other ventures in the realm of technology. During my time with Gamesalad, I was able to make and release four applications. Three of which I proudly show on my LinkedIn, Personal State, and summary on my resume. Not to mention being featured on the news! During my time after I departed from the Gamesalad Platform, I was able to be flown all over the country! I got flown out Microsoft for last rounds of interviews, I have worked in multiple hackathons and even ranked honorable mentions for a Google Hackathon, I had the opportunity to be a Software Engineer Intern for a CTO and lived in the San Fransico Bay Area for the summer of 2018. The list goes on! Currently, I just cleared first found of seed funding for a startup I started with a couple of college buddies. My life has ever been changed and I cannot selfishly give myself all this credit. If it wasn't for this platform, helpful @DeepBlueApps and TshirtBooth's Youtube tutorials, really good SEO hahaha and most importantly such an amazing forum supporting such like @Socks, @Thunder_Child, @Armelline and etc, answering and believing in my projects I don't think I would have had the capabilities to be developing for so long. I actually decided after all these years of development I decided to take on a Product Management role. However, after five years of development experience moving over to a PM role wasn't too hard. Actually, people like that I have a technical background.

I would link the startup I am working on BUT I vividly remember Gamesalad's super strict policy of promoting non-gamesalad related projects here. Hahaha, don't want to get banned!

This is not a "brag" on my life rather show people in the early stages to pursue their dreams and never stop. I started developing because around that time my life was in such term oil and Gamesalad was really my escape from all my problems. I loved the fact that if you can dream it you can develop it. Keep pushing on and keep being great!

If anyone remembers me please stop by and comment a Hey and possibly things you've been working on! Would love to hear how everyone is doing :)

Here is my link to my farewell post a couple of years ago -

Cannot thank you guys enough!


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