Has any one tried Buildbox?

famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834

As I was doing research on the game engines, I came to know about buildbox.

Has anyone tried it? Buildbox 3 is coming out in 3 days with full 3D capability.

I am writing a book on game salad game, so will use game salad for now, but build box is looking very enticing compared to game salad.

They are advertising it well, the videos and promos I am receiving in the email are very encouraging.

The only issue you have to subscribe to use it, they have no demo and just gave a trial demo for a few days last week.

If anyone has used it, I would like to know how it works. I am a bit dicey on spending money on new engines, as I know almost all game engines have some or the other problems in the beginning. How feasible build box is I am not sure without trying a demo for at least a month?




  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,926

    You can read about it here (granted this was a few years ago):


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  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834

    The whole not giving a demo is what made it look like a scam to me in the first place.

    Which game engine does not give you a trial run? especially when unity and unreal are free to use.

    Will talk with them but I doubt they will listen and give a free trial.

  • thunderchildgsthunderchildgs Member Posts: 3

    I use Buildbox daily...and Buildbox 3D appears to be more technical...but with the amount of learning curve required with any game creator....its a good software...yet here I am back in the forums to decide another GS run....as IT did/does do thing BB cant do

  • evertevert Member, PRO Posts: 264

    Buildbox is powerful but yet very limited. Problem is the community. It never replies to questions. So if you want to do something with BB you are on your own.

    And the CEO keeps trying to upsell you a bunch of stuff each and every day.

  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834

    That is why I chose GS over Buildbox and even Unity for now.

  • famekraftsfamekrafts Member, BASIC Posts: 834

    Just got this in email - free version is the way to go.

    We're very excited to announce the next chapter for all of us at Buildbox!

    Very recently, we were acquired by ApponBoard, a company which focused on creating an app creation software that was completely different, yet instantly complimentary, to Buildbox. Jon Zweig, the CEO of ApponBoard and Trey Smith, CEO of Buildbox, both share the same belief that #NoCode is the future of development.

    Check out this short video to learn more about the recent events and the vision of ApponBoard and Buildbox:

    A lot of changes are underfoot and all of them positive! Every employee from Buildbox that you know and love are all still here and will definitely be here for a long time. We're the same Buildbox team that you know and love; it's just that we have much more resources now to hire more developers, content creators, etc!

    So what's next for us?

    a FREE version of Buildbox
    much better Android, ad network, and export support
    new nodes and smart assets
    a new smart asset store
    roadmapping expansions for the MasterCollection software
    lots and lots of Buildbox 3 Upgrades
    ... and so much more!
    Lastly, thanks so much for being a part of the Buildbox community! We’re excited for the future, and can promise you this is only the beginning. Click the button below for more info about the acquisition and our future plans. ?

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