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Animations glitch after uploading to game salad arcade

panamared panamared Posts: 7Member, BASIC

I have Basic membership so I thought to check my game out I would upload it to arcade and try it. Everything works great except animations that are key pressed, the animation glitches and I checked, I don't have them on loop. Walking also glitches. But enemies are fine. Was wondering should I wait to test it or try to change it now?


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,872Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    "Glitches" doesn't really describe the problem. Can you say more about what's happening?

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  • panamared panamared Posts: 7Member, BASIC
    edited June 29

    The animation i.e. "pulling the bow string back" will have the character start the animation but it becomes jerky like the animation isn't playing smoothly all the way through. But every once in awhile it will work, but then continues to be jerky motions. But like I said, in the Gamesalad preview it works fine.

  • panamared panamared Posts: 7Member, BASIC


  • panamared panamared Posts: 7Member, BASIC

    I could upload it if that will help

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