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Uploading build RC to google paly console warning message APK targeting 32 bit and needs to be 64 bi

Ready to release my game build I had no issues using the "BUild RC" for IOS but when uploading my build using "Build RC" for Android on the Google play console I'm still getting a warning saying my build only targets 32 bit operating system and needs to be targeting 64 bit? Is Gamesalad working on this issue?


  • four8gamesfour8games Posts: 14Member, PRO

    Getting this error message and it will NOT let me go past this to start rollout to production, the button is grayed out

  • uptimistikuptimistik Posts: 11Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    The reason it's not letting you roll out to production is that there is missing information in one or more of the following sections:

    Store Listing
    Content Rating
    App Content
    Pricing and Distribution

    Once those sections are completely filled out, you will be allowed to roll out to production.

  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,418Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    And we'll have a fix for 64-bit out soon. We're in the process of testing now.

  • four8gamesfour8games Posts: 14Member, PRO

    Thanks, Ok I didn't have everything filled out appropriately, now I can rollout to production using the RC build but still with the 64 bit architecture warning, looks like that will go into effect starting August 1st, thanks for your help.

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