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Need some help for publishing. Confused about process.

sinbotsinbot Posts: 147Member, PRO

Getting ready to finally publish a game. I have a desktop version and an iPad version. The desktop process is very straight forward and since I will be offering it directly from my own site I don't need all this "certificate" stuff.

I do want to test the iPad version before hand though. I found videos from 2014 and older on the subject. Is there any clear and current information detailing the process? I'm so confused if I need an Apple dev account, creating a certificate, adhoc, etc..

I'm 95% noob at publishing lol.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Posts: 442Member, PRO

    if publishing to anything apple, you need a developer account, paid up annual thing to publish to the store, your certificate (generated through your apple developer account), and provisioning profiles for the app store, and for adhoc installs, if you want to register your own devices to test on before releasing.

    there’s an oldish video in a thread from @Thunder_Child that goes through the process that helped me a lot. i think it’s pinned on page 1 of the forums. the user interface online looks different now to when the video was made, but it’s close enough to figure out what to do.

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