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Can someone edit this file? (sound volume/pitch magnitude experiment)

sinbotsinbot Posts: 138Member, PRO

Can someone edit this test project to make the sound loop in actor#2 change volume and/or pitch based on actor#2 proximity?

I haven't been able to get this to work the "traditional way" and can't figure out why. I referenced a couple great tutorials on the topic as well and still can't figure out what the problem is.

Thank you.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,890Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
    edited August 2019

    I wasn't able to get the sound to change at all by checking the "Positional Sound" box in Actor 2's Play Sound behavior. But this video by @Armelline explains how to create a similar effect using magnitude expression(s):

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