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[GAME][FREE][1.1] Sudoku Puzzle Game 1.1

glider12glider12 Member Posts: 4
edited August 2019 in Announce Your Game!

This game is based on logic , you will be provided with 9 grids sudoku free that contains digits.
The goal is to place numbers from one to nine in the empty spots ao that each of the 3×3 squares and each row and column contains all the digits from 1 to 9 only once ,the number should not be repeated more than one time.
Sudoku free or sudoku Puzzles is well known to be the world’s hardest placement sudoku puzzles online because of the concentration it requires ,as it can take only few minutes or multiple hours to solve.
Level up your memory and improve your concentration and focusing abilities , bring your sense of calm as well as keeping your brain active and stimulated by playing this classic sudoku.
We all played sudoku on a newspaper or a magazine, now Sudoku free Puzzles is available in google play store, you can download it for free, sudoku Game is available on android with different levels easy medium and super hard.
With a simple interface or easy and dialy use of sudoku classic .

Features and Highlights of sudoku classic:
✎ Play sudoku free for tablets and Phones while enjoying our customized colors and fonts to help you relax and stimulate your eyes and brain while playing Sodoku for tablets and Phones.
✎ This exclusive classic sudoku free Free puzzles game is 100% free .
✎ Sodoku contains three levels from easy for beginners to medium for semi-pros to very difficult for frees.
✎ enjoy the most calm and smooth background music during games.
✎ for total concentration, you can also deactivate or reactive it with a simple click while playing without the need to go back to the main Sodoku menu.

Google Play Link : [links removed by moderator]


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