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RAM & Memory Usage - what has the biggest impact?

ated19ated19 Posts: 1Member
edited September 10 in Working with GS (Mac)

From what I've read, it seems as though there are several factors that impact RAM, but are images the biggest culprit for high RAM?

I've seen some people also mention the number of actors, how big the sound files are, etc. but still not sure what's fact or fiction.

And if sounds/actors do play a role in memory usage, is there an optimal number of actors/size for sound & music files?



  • sinbotsinbot Posts: 110Member, PRO

    Biggest culprit I've noticed is easily large animations. I've learned to use "Interpolate" as much as possible in lieu of animated frames. Otherwise keep the FPS of your animation low. A sad limitation but workable. Having numerous actors could cause issue if there are tons of them in the scene. The larger they are and the more animated frames each one is using will naturally take a toll on the CPU. I've never experienced any noticeable issue from using sounds/music but then again I try to use loops as much as possible rather then super long tracks. I've read a lot about developers complaining about "Timers" but personally I have used them quite a bit and they have worked perfectly with no issues. Of course lot of this comes down to your logic.

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