Is GS the right platform for my App.

Hello, hoping someone with experience in GS might be able to suggest if GS will be a suitable platform for the App I'm developing before my free trail runs out - as not got too far yet for the time put in and not convinced worth buying the subscription. Some detail below, so will say right up front very much appreciate any time anyone gives me in responding.

It isn't a game as such but shares features of a simple game. Effectively a Radio Telephony training aid for UK private pilots. I've gone a little way to prototyping it in Game Maker, but then heard very bad things about publishing and maintaining apps developed on GameMaker to iOS and Android - my targets. Someone recommended GS as an alternative.

Starts with simple hierarchial menu (all but couple options locked under IAP). Each choice however takes you to a training session of similar structure (akin to a GS scene I guess). Portrait mode, screen split in two. Top half is simple hex map showing pilot's plane (2d top down), bottom half reserved for text of the ATC messages. Very basic graphics, clean abstracted shapes with limited colour palate throughout app.

User selects training session - eg. training on RT for circuit/pattern RT for airdrome under controlled airspace with full ATC control. Overhead view of plane on airport apron. Bottom half of screen shows text of pilots initial call to ATC. After a pause, ATC respond (audio track and in text) - with new text pushing the earlier text up the screen as say a conversation would appear in messenger or WhatsApp. The pilots next message is displayed pushing up the earlier text again, and so on. The plane/map then move, to show where the pilots next call would be, and this process would continue through the training session. Random events can occur at points in the session - eg. a high priority landing by another plane, so ATC ask our pilot to orbit, etc, so it doesn't just become a recital exercise.

Plan is this is controlled through app logic I develop fed from a table/array per training session, whereby each row contains the criteria for a single step, i.e. for moving the map and plane, the ATC text, reference to the audio file to be played, what the next call is (including more than 1 possible next call to allow random events), etc. There would be user controlled parameters before a session started, such as if the session should just play without input, or progress through user selecting next, etc (thus allowing hands free practice, say whilst driving).

None of this is rocket science, although I'm a old codger and last time acted as a paid developer was in early 90s (object oriented Cobol). Been playing briefly with a GS trail, and as say not got far. For example not been able to prototype the lower text window with new text being inserted below, pushing up the earlier text, whilst also showing icon next to each paragraph (i.e. is ATC or pilot's call). I got further in GameMaker but scared off that for now.

About to start 6 month sabatical from work and this is my pet project and don't want to mistep in very first choice of platform and possible lose a couple months. Have I just had a slow start and should I stick with it? Can GS do this even with a rusty wannabe dev at the keys? Might I be better with something more scripty, or even try unity, etc? Again, if you read all of this thank you.

Wonderng if alternative is interactive book platform...


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    You can absolutely do this in GameSalad. It's hard to tell you what to do since you know yourself best but none of this is terribly difficult. I'd rate it as intermediate/advanced. Probably not something you can do in your first few weeks with GameSalad but definitely something you can get help with here on the forums once you've had some practice with the tool.

    I designed two apps for clients that were in some ways similar (obviously not in many ways) to what you described. One was a kick-boxing trainer app for use at the gym. It would automatically load various timed exercises and sync audio cues ("punch high, punch high, kick low, ...") to the exercises. Another was a reaction timer for a professional race car driver. It also had set timings and would auto-advance to the next set of instructions. So yes, very doable!

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    Thanks. Think not used a no code environment before. Seems harder somehow. Harder to read what it doing as logic so spread out...

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