In serious need of help with publishing situation (app store)

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I am going absolutely crazy with a mess of keychains. I am trying to sign off on my Universal iOS build and I get a crazy error prompt. When I try to upload to Transport I get this
I since made a certificate for app store distribution but it doesn't let me use it when I try to sign the app.

Wondering should I just start over with the whole process? If so, is it ok to revoke all the keychains I made? The testing is all complete and app is 100%. I just need all the cert/keychain nonsense at this point.


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    That whole process makes me want to tear my hair out. I haven't used Transport but it sounds like the problem is with your provisioning profile and not with Transport itself. Are there any errors shown in Keychain Access?

    I would probably start over at this point. Each time I've had to make that decision, it's pained me to have to clear and revoke everything but it's always worked properly after that.*

    *And not easily... sometimes it's hours of trial and error to get it right. I honestly don't know why Apple makes it so complicated to do all this.

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  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,956
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    Sounds like you didn't pick "App Store" as the provisioning profile type. Trash your profile and make a new one being sure to double check you pick "App Store."

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    Are you sure that your provision profile is for publish into the Appstore?

    I mean pay attention when you create the bundle id and the provisioning profile; you need to create one in the distribution area for "App Store or Mac Appstore" see the attached file.
    One is for iOS app store and another one is for Mac app store.

  • sinbotsinbot Member, PRO Posts: 185

    Yes, correct. Finally realized this after some time away to cool off. Looks like I had 3 identical profiles. Fixed now but new issue at hand... I scanned through the forums and saw a lot of mention of this but couldn't find a solution.

    How do I make my app 64-Bit compliant??

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    mmmh i'm not sure but are you using the RC button to compile the game? i mean in the publishing portal.

    Yesterday i've upload one iOS game without issue...

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