Super Power Question for Stealth/Action Gamers

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Hey, GS Community- I'm brainstorming ideas right now and could really use some outside input, so I've decided to simply post a poll here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
So here's the thing. Imagine you're playing a stealth game where being sneaky is advised, but a skilled aggressive player could play guns-blazing as well (kind of like Dishonored or MGSVTTP). You can also be lethal or non-lethal, both of which have their own benefits and detriments.
The game has 5 characters - each with different special abilities that they can utilize (with limitations) throughout the game. Of the following 10 potential abilities, which one sounds like it would be the most fun, interesting, and/or useful in a Stealth/Action Game like the one described above? Thanks again for any responses, and if you want to leave any honorable mentions, you can do so in the comments. ;)

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