My last project that I did not finish :(

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Thought I would showcase my last project I did a few months back that did not get finished. I did share some early concepts with a few members - but I got too busy with life and GS was crashing more than it was running.

Hope it inspires something.

The idea:
You place Dots, up to 6, around the board in empty spaces.
Making a dot more than 6 will destroy it.
The goal is to Break the numbers by matching the adjacent dots with its number exactly.
Breaking a number will split it into two smaller values. ie, a 8 will spawn 2 x 4.
With the end goal of removing all number blocks on screen.

However, two of the same single blocks will merge together, thus creating a higher value and bigger number. They also have more opportunity to be broken because more adjacent squares.

You can make chain reactions by planning a head. Or if you are not being careful, you will merge two high value numbers that is impossible to break because of limited dots.



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