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I am making progress in creating my own game and getting the hang of Gamesalad. Been watching videos and asking for help here, yes, I am trying. But there are some things I need help with, I want to change my game difficulty as the levels progress, I want to add in-app purchase options, and for some reason, I can't get my score to sync with scene change once it reaches a certain number. (perhaps I didn't put the attribute in the right place.) The main thing is creating the GUI scene, where it shows up when the game is in pause or pressed when in-app purch. is initiated.
I can finish the game myself but I need help with those few things. I know that you all are probably tired of helping me like:"Geez, you should get it by now". I know I know but, I am a visual learner and need help.

My question is: Are their Gamesalad teams? Someone I could team up with and work one on one? I'd seriously pay someone to help me. I really want to get my game on Google Play by Christmas as a personal goal so I really need help. Can someone take a look at my levels and help me straighten it out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



  • By the way, I had already made this game before using Hyperpad when I owned an Ipad because it was easy to learn. But, this con is that It was only able to be exported to App store and I can't afford the $100/yr. fee. So I plan to recreate it here. :blush:

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    For in-app purchases for Google, I first need to know where you are at. Have you been able to publish? Do you know how to have a keystore? Do you have a Google Play Console account? (You are going to need one. Create one with gmail account that you are going to publish with, so whatever that email is, ""?). Follow these:

    For IAPS (In-app purchases)- (There is another way, where Gamesalad creates one for you that lasts a few years. Most people do it this way as it creates a keystore that lasts a whole lot longer. (1000 years.) So, creating a keystore this way is a one time process. The other way only lasts a few years, apparently. I don't know what happens when the keystore expires, and I don't know how something detects that it actually has expired. But, if you can figure out how to do this way, do it. I tried it a little before, but I just ended up going the other route. I can just create more as I need them. ;))

    Videos are helpful too, maybe check around for those too. Videos are EXTREMELY helpful when it comes to leaderboards and achievements. I am here to help you on all stages. But before you do this, you need to get your level difficulty issue resolved. IAPS are the second-to-last stage. Publishing is the final stage. For IAPS, you are going to need a shop scene or something like that. :)

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    It's not weird to have problems and questions. :)
    Here is a video for IAPS. It's on Gamesalad's channel, presented by @Armelline. It may help you, I don't know. But just read through the instructions posted above on the Cookbook very carefully, and ask the community questions along the way!

  • Thanks for your help, I do have a Google Developer account but didn't know about the Keystore so that info is helpful. Thanks a bunch!!

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    Glad it helped a little bit!
    (You can ignore the following, it's just gibberish): When I said IAPS are the second-to-last step, I could technically be wrong, as it may be helpful to implement it into a scene if the IAP us going to be available on multiple scenes. But at least more than likely, the IAP will be on a shop scene. Add a shop button to the menu that changes to the shop scene when pressed on. Also, have an intro. scene that loads the attributes of "purchased", if you have any, because that will allow the player to have the purchase whenever re-getting on. (If a player that has purchased a pack presses the buy button upon re-installation, it will just give it back to them, but I would recommend a button that checks for past purchases that they can press to do this.)
    Sorry for the long post there, (it's probably just confusing, if so, just ignore it). All I want you to know/do, is to start thinking ahead about when players re-get on the game, certain saved attributes may need to load, (devices need to know that something is "purchased",) and think about fresh installations and how that might affect IAPS and saved attributes. But don't worry about these things, as I can help you. Just plan ahead when you can. :)

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