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A couple of questions about deployment

johnboymacjohnboymac Posts: 33Member
I posted yesterday that I had released my first IPAD app (it was a duck hunting shooter....yes i know not a popular thing here ;-)).
last night I found from someone on touch arcade that there was already an iphone game with a similar name. as such I changed the name of my game and sent a new binary to apple, and also took it down until the new binary is approved.
since then, Ive checked the sales/downloads and see that in the few hours it was up it was actually downloaded by a few more than the promo codes i had given out. My question is, should i have left (or put back) the existing version, or is it better to remove it until the new one is approved to prevent upsetting anyone?

my second question - related, what can i do to speed up the approval process as all ive done is changed the name of the game, can apple be hurried?

many thanks for any comments.
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