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My Admob Ads are not working on IOS.

four8gamesfour8games Posts: 18Member, PRO

My ad mob ads are not working correctly on my App, I'm using Mac and launching on IOS, I phone. It appears everything should be filled in correctly? My admit ads work perfectly as they should on the same game for Android/google play. Am I missing something? Are there any updated tutorials or information about using Admob Ads, The one I found on the GS Cookbook appears to be outdated? Need help.


  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,497Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    Did you publish using Build RC or just the regular build?

  • four8gamesfour8games Posts: 18Member, PRO

    No, I did initially but noticed on the build RC for IOS that there were issues with my tilt controls not working, they were slow to respond. Which in a game were tilt controls are used to dodge obstacles that is a huge problem, so I went back and released a build using the NON RC build and my tilt controls work perfectly again. I did have my Admob info typed in wrong when I did The RC build though. The Admob information is correct this time though using the regular Build?

  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,497Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    @four8games so there are no known issues on the regular builds but you may be running into "test mode". I set it up so that if you're running a developer provisioning profile, admob runs in test mode (which should work with any ids, but may only work with the official admob test ids). In the RC I removed that and made it something you could choose during publishing.

    As to the tilt controls, please PM the link to your game. In theory the tilt controls should be MORE sensitive in the RC than the old build. The method we were originally using was deprecated, so we switched to a new system that updates much faster. I'd like to see your game to see what affect that has and to either make tweaks on our side or suggestions for your GS logic.

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