Chartboost: Skipable ads possible? Ads can also be exited out with back button. :/

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I published my game to the iOS store and Android store using Chartboost for interstitial and reward ads. I've recieved a review on my app saying that the ads shown a fair amount of times (every 4-6 levels), but are way too looong that they disrupt the flow of the game (which I agree). Does anyone know if Chartboost interstitial ads can be skipable after a few seconds?

Another issue one of my friends had noticed testing my game was that on Android, ads can be exited out of instantly with the Android back button. Anyone faced this problem and figured out how to avoid it? I recently read on the pinned tip thread that if you use a rule and say If key "ESC" is pressed, it simulates the Android back button. Could this be used to restart the ad if "ESC"/back button is pressed? I don't have an Android so I don't have easy access to test my game using the back button, which is why I receive support from my friend.

Any help is appreciated :)


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