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1025x65 image size in Kb calculation

3absh3absh Member, PRO Posts: 575

I'm trying to understand how PNG files are loaded into the game.

Say for example we have an image that's 1025x65

Is this image loaded as 2048x128?

or 2048x2048?

or something else?

will all these "empty pixels" be counted as well?

So if 1 pixel = 3 bit

the 1025x65 is 2048x128x3=786,432 bit

or is it

2048x2048x3=12,582,912 bit

Which one of these calculations is correct?


  • BlackCloakBlackCloak Member Posts: 23
    edited February 13

    when loaded from disk into system memory a rgba (32 bit) png will be width X height X 32 bits
    a rgb (24bit ) png will be width X height x 24 bits
    and a 8 bit png will be ( width height X 8 ) + size of the pallet in bits

    when the image goes to the gpu it’s at 32 bit texture which would be width X height X 32 bits in gpu memory

    If the actor is bigger then the image the gpu scales image up at rendering time which does not cost any extra memory.

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