How's Gamesalad in 2020?

I would like to come back to Gamesalad but I am wondering about important features and if they are working or not. These would include
-Screen Resolution
-Loading Times
I really love the software but have run into challenges before in the past and I was just wondering if it is a viable software in 2020. If any active users could inform me I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your time.


  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 159
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    I think it is doing great, but I never felt it was doing badly:
    1. Admob and mediation on Ironsource (and other options I don't follow).
    2. Works for most. I think it doesn't work on big iPad pros but half the games don't work at fullscreen resolution there.
    3. Fast with the new fast hardware. Limit the number of scenes so people don't see the spinner between scenes.
    4. Still exports to iOS and Android (all I care about).

    I have been here on and off since 2012. The road still looks great to me.

  • loganjan22loganjan22 Member Posts: 7

    Thank you for letting me know! @adriangomez I appreciate it!

  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 582

    could do with a few more features and tweaks, but i think it’s still a great 2d engine for people to learn on, or make good projects on when they have developed skills. it’s significantly better than what it was when i first started tinkering with it a long while ago, especially when used in line with other resources like physics body editor (for custom collisions) and level editor.

  • loganjan22loganjan22 Member Posts: 7

    thank you for your input @bob loblaw yea Gamesalad has definitely improved throughout the years and I really do like how the logic works. It allows for freedom of ideas and I love how it sets up the logical statements. I just wish sometimes the engine was more powerful but I totally understand the direction of Gamesalad into the education business and I really think it will help them get really good funding to maybe one day in the future to add some really neat features to the engine.

  • stragstrag Member, PRO Posts: 601

    I think if you keep within the limited palette of GameSalad, there is still huge scope for your imagination to flourish.
    I've looked at UE4, GameMaker, Unity etc yet keep coming back to GameSalad as I actually quite like the limitations as it keeps me focused, and it's so ridiculously quick to get things done. There is nothing else as simple to use and I love it.
    I wish the forum was as active as a few years back and I wish bugs were fixed quicker but the more people use it, I'm sure the better and more stable it will get.

  • sinbotsinbot Member, PRO Posts: 189

    It's a great tool but there are some issues that I think really hold it back. I'm going to finish a few projects which will keep me busy with it for a while but after that I'm moving on to GM and Unity. GS really needs some features such as a snap-to-grid, an update on the "cookbook" is long overdue (doesn't even have accurate instructions to publish your content), then there are lots of little things that overall add up to an irritating UX or simply eat up a lot of your time such as navigating through your project files (click on scene - click on actor info - click back and you are in the main frame! Grrrrr...) As someone mentioned the forum is pretty dead but I find that it can still be a savior! Overall GS is an amazing tool for what it is. Would be great tho if either some of the big issues were resolved or a lot of the minor ones were. Would take it from 6/10 to 9/10 imo.

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,927

    @sinbot it's not quite there yet, but we're working on addressing some of those issues in our new creator

    The navigation is a bit better, in that game, scene, and actor attributes are all visible in the appropriate context, which means now swapping out of the actor editor back to scene to add new game attributes.

    There's still some clunkiness since we were a bit slavish in adhering to a master-detail view paradigm used on tablet apps, but we're hoping to allow users to break out of that paradigm when the window is bigger (or the UI is zoomed out). Snap to grid is something I want to add when I also add the ability to add / see actors outside of the main game view.

    It's still got some issues, but it's the main creator our educators are using. Over time I'm making it even better so it's up to par for professional use (i.e. making an 'offline' version, better performance, a 'pro' mode for the behaviors that is more compact, etc).

  • loganjan22loganjan22 Member Posts: 7
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    Thanks for the update @adent42 I have really appreciated your work and updates throughout the year and I wish you major success with the education programs.

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