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    This new screen version of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand with addendum of my thoughts from 'Sinbad the Sailor' story-cycle with more memories from the university article'Philosophical median goes other way', this expression of 'Where the wild roses grow' and 'the love till one's dying day', this music clip about my love to Chelsea Charms from my electronic game on Windows platform.

    Please watch this clip YOUTUBE

    There was a music voice adapter used and 6 years of experience in music School number 96, Moscow (on Lobachevsky street), you might have seen me there performing solo academical vocals, now I live in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    Vasily Zotov

    The link to my computer game from which the song is extracted:



    Title: 'Jumping from the cake...'


    I want my song to be complete
    And have more space to draw

    The things from which escape, return
    to what I had before.

    Immodest gaining money as
    Mutant and troubadour

    I thought some more of huge magnate,
    he had Jay Leno fired.
    There was so little on TV
    which advertised some russian tea
    I drunk small golden cup.
    I further watched some journalism

    Wolf Blitzer met his friend
    who introduces on TV
    and opens debates
    And Texas Hold'Em champion
    I thought of this Big Game,

    A Carmagnole customer,
    Nevada Vegas High,
    Sinbad the Sailor,
    East Meets West.
    I thought of Middle East
    The Caliphate in Abbasid 8th century BC
    applied scheme of Nylander/White

    I walked Las Vegas in the night
    And then I reached headache
    I found a Giant street TV
    And jumping from the cake.

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