Pixelmator Graphics - Size & Settings?

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I'm currently using pixelmator to create graphics for the first game that I hope to release.

I have one question though (well statements and I was hoping someone would confirm them) -

1) When I create a new image I should use 72 pixels per inch (I'm assuming that is what 72dpi refers to when I see it written on the forums). What should I use for iPhone4 graphics? 144 pixel per inch?

Hopefully somebody else that uses pixelmator for graphics/ at all can help me.



  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Member Posts: 1,400
    If your apps will be targeting both old and new iPhone/iPods, you still use 72dpi.

    Example: for a button that appears to be 64x64 on a 320x480 screen, the graphic should be 128x128@72dpi.

    The iPhone/GameSalad will automatically scale the image down to 64x64 for older devices. Also, that should work with or without Resolution Independence. All RI adds is a separate set of pre-rendered smaller images for older devices, but it increases you app size dramatically...


    Another note: You want to use actor/image sizes that are multiples of 2 (12x12, but not 13x13). Which means your high-res images will all need to be multiples of 4 (24x24, but not 26x26). Otherwise things get messy and graphics get blurry...
  • RHRH Member Posts: 1,079
    Ah wicked. Thanks a lot!
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