Accelerate towards a touched position in bigger screen

Hi there, I'm trying to build a mini game where the player presses a touch screen and a the actor on the screen accelerates towards that point on the screen in a 2D helicopter like environment with gravity pulling the player down and the touch controls accelerating towards a tapped place on the screen.

I was able to do this easily with a moveTo when the Scene size is the same size as the screen. However this is not going to cut it as the game needs quite a bit more real estate to be playable so I thought making the scene bigger would work. Well.. that's not the case.

Once the camera moves the moveTo point on the screen sticks around which means the move doesn't continue along but is tied into that point. I'm thinking this needs something like an add linear velocity towards the point on the screen (not scene). Also, when using keyboard keys you're able to say only when key down and stop when key up. Touch controls are a bit more difficult to work with as the screen is all you have really and putting screen buttons wouldn't look great in this case. I'm a total N0ob with GameSalad, sorry if this seems like an obvious question.

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