How to wrap HTML5 to Make exe

nowherejaynowherejay Member, PRO Posts: 85

I have an older game from 3 years back I want to convert to an HTML5 and then wrap to make an exe file for play on pcs. I have been reading through the forums but I don't see any kind of tutorial. I downloaded nw.js and I have no idea what to do with it. could anyone help me out? I think I asked a year or so back something similar, but only recently I have access to a Mac again.
how do you wrap an html5 to make an exe?

Thank you!


  • nowherejaynowherejay Member, PRO Posts: 85

    If anyone is willing to let me know HOW or would like to get paid to do it, I can pay someone to wrap my HTML5 to make an EXE.

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