The Adventure Of Ys is about to begin!!

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The adventure of Ys, is my latest game, that is ready for upload!! (i do realize that i need to make the lvl choosing screen better, i just wanted quick feedback=) prepare for TOTALLY AWESOMENESS at =)
Feedback is VERY appreciated =)


  • Fafnir312Fafnir312 Member Posts: 161
    Interesting concept, but I couldn't get the circle to change direction except a couple times and the circle never bounced high enough to reach the star.
  • FreztinoFreztino Member Posts: 30
    Well i have tested the levels and all of them actually can be completed (btw theres a lo-graw cheat: think Wolfenstein...)

    Thanks for the replies =) and now back to work =)
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    V. nice idea!

    I think your character needs a differentiator so you can tell which end is the one that will 'bounce'. You can then try and get that end to collide with walls/ground/spheres to propel you further up.

    Something like this (which will go way over the heads of our younger/non-uk viewers):

    A reset button for the scene would be nice too - I found my ball at one point ended up motionless on the floor - no way to make him bounce again.

    Nice idea though! :)

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  • FreztinoFreztino Member Posts: 30
    I will work to improve it a lot, and then when the gameplay and graphics are perfect i will just have to make lvl's =)
    btw double click the start logo in the lvl's to re-spawn =)
    maybe there's is too much friction... hmm
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