finishing my first game, my masterpiece :)

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Hour or two every night for over two years. First game i started when doing the First Game Tutorial. Been building off that and learning as i went. I am very excited about it and there's no one else that understands the work that goes into it. So I want to make y'all proud. I am having a second child in a few weeks. Hoping to be under way so all i need to worry about is marketing. I have lingering work...

  1. i need to link to the app store so the player can review the game. Any ideas?
  2. i need to create a username entry scene. I can't come up with a formula to make it work.
  3. i am using app formative-- Sending the best "speed run" times and then receiving them back to display on leaderboard. That is easy(ish). But i also want to display the player's "number of deaths" next to the times as well. Anyone use app formative? i did write to their email so fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully you can play my game soon. For a fee. lol i am setting price at 1.99. Any objections? Ads would ruin the flow. Sucks that we need to compromise our vision for money. What to do, what to do. How about an in app purchase to unlock whole game? That's a whole other thing i would have to learn tho hmmm... Again, thanks.

This is a scene after you chase down the key in previous scene. its a sight to be scene :)

It's called Go to Hell.


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