GS Viewer does not detect device language anymore

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i have update my iPad to iPadOS 13.4.1 and the GS Viewer can´t detect the device language anymore.

I make my games in 3 different languages and can´t test it anymore :(

Please Help

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    @bora looks like that's from a change in API. Since we fixed it for the actual games, we'll need to rebuild and release the viewer.


  • borabora Member, PRO Posts: 43


    i find my old iPad with iPadOS 10.3 and the GS Viewer detect the language correcly. It is the same GS Viewer Version 1.25.80 Engine Version 0.25.

    I tested it with the iPad from my mother (OS 13.3.1) and the GS Viewer doesn´t detect the device language.

    Please Fix this Problem

    Thank you

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