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Can you make money off free apps?

BramHoddssdBramHoddssd Posts: 414Member
Hey guys, I was just wondering, can you somehow make money off free apps? If your paying two hundred a year, (99 for apple and 99 for gamesalad) why would you make a free app. You'd just lose money...


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member
    Free apps can advertise your paid apps and also if you have the very generously priced Pro (sorry couldn't resist) version you can use iAds and get money per click.

    You can also release for free then make it paid like another dev did, think he got 500k downloads while it was free then put the price up and got high in charts.

  • synthesissynthesis Posts: 1,693Member
    Most free apps are either demos, experimental, ad supported, promotional (branding), corporate, 3rd party integrated, or social (supported by other means). Some others are free initially but have inApp purchasing for more content or extra features.
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