Constant GS crashes

HawtSawceHawtSawce Member Posts: 42
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So my GS crashes all day long every day I lost count how many times. Not running anything else besides GS so I don't see it as a memory problem. Even when it is a new project with no templates used it will still crash for no reason. So I tested something. I restarted GS and then made a new blank file. Did nothing. I simply left the laptop running and after about 10 mins it crashed by itself with nothing being done. I have already tried reinstalling GS and it doesn't help. Even updated everything possible to update on the software side and still same issue.

Anyone have any ideas or is this a common known issue?


  • HawtSawceHawtSawce Member Posts: 42
    Unfortunatly there isn't anything there of any use. As I mentioned before, an empty file with nothing in it at all just left open will auto crash anyway after certain time.
  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
    are you running an intel mac with the minimum specs?
  • HawtSawceHawtSawce Member Posts: 42
    Yes ofcourse. I didn't think this could even work on a non Intel Mac. Already have something on iTunes just waiting on review non sense. I was just wondering why this crashes an excessive amount. It's only GS that has the issue. Reinstalled 2x now and even re-downloaded it from the site too so I've got no clue whats up.
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