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What do you use to make graphics?

jjwooferjjwoofer Posts: 1Member
Hey guys. I'm new to GameSalad and I was wondering...
What program do you use to make graphics?

Please tell me if you can.



  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    Photoshop is of course the first choice for about anyone if you wanna shell out the cash

    However Gimp is a fairly close free clone that is pretty popular

    It can be a little quirky if you are used to photoshop but it can achieve almost the same results.

    If you think you may want to spend the money and invest in photoshop the main adobe site does offer a full free month of the full version with no restrictions whatsoever
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    Have a look here:

    You can also add to that list:

    Google Sketchup
    Art to text
    Pen and paper
    An artist

    QS :D

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  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    I primarily use Photoshop, Paint.NET(windows-only but free!) and Pixelmator.
  • chosenonestudioschosenonestudios Posts: 1,714Member
    I like Illustrator
  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member
    Pretty sure my guy uses CorelDRAW amongst others.
  • DhondonDhondon Posts: 717Member
    Photoline( extremly cheap) and softimage ( extremly expensive).
  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    Flahs, Photoshop. 3D max to 3D ilustrations.
  • Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Posts: 301Member
    Photoshop, After Effects & Softimage.
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    I'm using sumo paint. It's free and great for simple artwork. You can also save your images to the site and come back at anytime and edit them

    Firemaplegames introduced me to it about a month ago and I am loving it!
  • RHRH Posts: 1,079Member
    Since you asked the question I'm guessing that you aren't a photoshop pro. Neither am I and I'm currently using pixelmator (very cheap) to make graphics for a game. It's very easy to use.

    As Arton said, sumo paint is great as well and I use that occasionally. :)
  • ForteForte Posts: 297Member, PRO
    I personally use Adobe Flash.

    Mainly because I can't exactly use Photoshop or illustrator.

    But also because with Flash its easier to get the transparent image on the places you haven't painted on.

    I only use Photoshop for the editing of images

    Cheers, Dragokillz
  • duckwitduckwit Posts: 46Member
    Im the same as Drogokillz, I use Flash mainly because its just simple and its vector graphics (easy and amazing scaling), and crops out everything that isn't what you made. :)

    Then I use Photoshop (elements 7.0/6.0) to edit still images. :)
  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
    Acorn! Which you can use for free too ^_^
  • jbrown2177jbrown2177 Posts: 66Member
    How do you create sprite sheets within Pixelmator?
  • dmkdmk Posts: 1Member
    i just got the program shake. has any one used this program?
  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    ILLUSTRATOR ALL THE WAY....and sometimes photoshop and flash.
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    dmk said:
    i just got the program shake. has any one used this program?

    you have accidentally wandered into the big league ... just delete it, modify your post if you still can and move on with life .... as it is

    Btw: Shake isn't a program one just "gets". It's part of the tool chain in professional movie studio production houses
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    Yeah, Shake is brutal. It's like After Effects on Steroids.

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  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    I hadn't seen this posted (sorry if its been discovered already) but it looks interesting and priced reasonably:
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