****Help****Iphone sound help!!!!

MOVProductionsMOVProductions Member Posts: 53
Hello, I need help with my app. I'm doing an app that has multiple buttons and each button plays music (which is actually the words on the button i.e. Hallelujah). When I preview the app for the iphone it works on the desktop. but when I preview it on my iphone or publish it there and touch one of the buttons my app just crashes without sound. Please I need help urgent so I could submit this. I have read all of the forums and done tutorials over and over but to no avail.
thanks you in advance.


  • scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Member Posts: 565
    Hi Mikhail616,

    I happen to be relatively free to assist and it seems like music be my thing ^_^

    Can you tell how large your sound files are? If you are able to zip them up and send them to me, I can help you convert them to a format that I'm sure should not be a problem.

    Perhaps you can use a service like yousendit.com instead of a direct file attachment, and send the link to scorelessmusic@gmail.com and I'll work on it as soon as I get it.
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